Here are 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Stay Ahead

01 Create a User Journey

Get a bird’s eye view of your overall marketing strategy by mapping it out. Hypothesize mindsets, motivations, channel touch points, competitor obstacles, and even emotional barriers. Understand your users from the outside looking in. Know where they’ve been. Where they need to go in the value chain. Your entire team (including the client) will be able to think more strategically about which tactical components make sense to those which pose pitfalls.

02 Write for Search:

Organic search is still the highest ranking acquisition channel. We often forget that many of our client’s digital properties are on the web. Lets write for it. We can still fulfill the needs of our client’s brand voice while enabling search in context. And the best part is, we can continue to do what we all do best:

Creative thinking. Enterprise Collaboration Tools. Mobile Apps. Web Apps. E-CRM. Viral Marketing. Wearables. If it sounds like buzz words are being thrown around, in reality, its the author trying to garner attention from Google search.

03 Follow Your Leads:

Viewership generate leads. Leads become conversions. Conversions turn into revenue. Understanding how customers are behaving in the funnel through analytics will allow you to identify which lead tactics are successful in your overall marketing strategy.

With the suite of marketing platforms available today, such as our recent partner in crime (Hubspot), we can gather real-time insights to tailor our client’s message by simply tracking user patterns on the journey. And through the same data, we can determine the probability of user conversion by segmenting them into distinctive groups to delivery messages that speak to them on a personal level. The list goes on and planning ahead will not only impact the return on your client’s investment, but the insights necessary to draw conclusions.



Appstore Independency


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When we think of the term ‘app’ we typically think of the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or the Amazon Marketplace. Distribution channels managed by larger entities that allow content to be published by a swarming network of developers who are adding thousands of new apps every day. Its overwhelming for sure. Overwhelming for the developer who has to create an amazing app, get it approved, market it, and plan iterative launch schedules through out the year (if they’re successful). For distributors like Google Play, its just as arduous. The team

at Google needs to support the market demands in aligning better user experiences for devices, in addition to api improvements on their SDK.  Its a ton of work, and the process can be time consuming.

The other ‘app’ we often overlook are web-based apps. As of late, with recent developments in HTML5, there are a growing number of web-based apps such as GrooveShark, a streaming music player, that allows you to listen to music and, we can even skip songs too. And (at times) offers a better user experience than Spotify’s mobile app.

Steve Newcomb, CEO & Founder of, a new HTML5 platform is making truly amazing advances in the technology, allowing dynamic content that is truly mind boggling. And with the latest Android update we’re beginning to see mobile web content call native functions on the device such as the camera.

With advancements in HTML5, we may (one day), move away from the app store ecosystem. Although its years away from reality, our mobile and customer experience would truly benefit. It would help marketers and brands create utilities or branded experiences for customers, without having barriers of entry. Developers can retain their 30%, with the trade-off being they’re no longer in a distribution network. With about a million apps on the app store, its already crowded as it is. But hey, content will once again be real-time and dynamic. And since we’ve already been accustomed to paying for content in increments of $.99 , we wouldn’t even mind paying for mobile-web content if it were worth it.

Rolling the dice on a Mobile Web App Store –

Mobile Workflow: An Adobe Illustrator Script Every Mobile Designer should use. 


A game development team created a useful script to batch save multiple pngs in multiple resolutions, from multiple artboards, and multiple layers in Adobe Illustrator. After you’ve completed your design, simply name your layers starting with a hastag (#) or percentage (%) and run the script from the menu. In literally seconds, you will have pngs  @original and @2x. Check it our here, by arcticmill




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