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Role: Creative Director Platform: Rich Media Display
Type: Brand Campaign


Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) launched a new campaign to help bring awareness around their tag line, “You never stop growing™”. While being the first campaign for GSAM, they launched on all fronts of traditional and disruptive digital to drive traffic to their asset management segment, and tell a story through a series of proverbial childhood tick marks. The scene of this unit takes place on a subway platform where a college girl is pondering her aspirations. From “studio apartments to a ranch of her own” she has big dreams and plans for the future. And all along, Goldman Sachs is there every step of the way. To increase engagement, a full-page takeover was designed to grab attention of the audience their site page tilts in perspective to reveal the story. To accomplish that, we shot video on a semi-circle track and took auto-timed screen shots to match our flash video. The final product caught the attention of financial award shows, and made a measureable impression on Goldman prospects.