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Role: UX Design Director Platform: Mobile & Hardware
Type: Mobile Application


Kinsa is the worlds first ‘smart thermometer’ targeted to moms. It allows you to store and share thermometer readings with family and close friends to be aware of the health around you. As a two part mission to the Kinsa cause, there was an app for the smart thermometer experience, and also a Health Weather Map which allows you to publicly share disease related data such as influenza or a stomach virus. Kinsa is bringing health into the mobile era, to give families the tools they need to stay healthy. Using data from mobile-enabled health products, this map will give parents better information – a health context – to keep their children healthy and help them get better faster. This map will help physicians better diagnose and care for patients. And society will finally have a tool to track – and stop – the spread of disease. Whether that’s the flu or epidemics like Avian Flu and SARS.

[vimeo 59919206 w=210&h=373]