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Role: Creative Director
Platform: Web Application
Type: Product Customization


At miAdidas is the world’s largest customizable footwear and sporting apparel site in the world. While mainly targeted to users in Europe, the site reaches a global audience where team sports, individuality and performance are at the core of the consumer’s needs. At the site, users can customize sneakers with two main style lines: miOriginals miPerformance. As the popularity of futbol and basketball grew in Europe and UK, Adidas adapted to the market

with a new line called miTeam. In the new miTeam experience, product configurations allow users to create personalized products for shoes, shirts, sox, shorts and accessories. Whether your team needs a full suite of products from team bags embroidered with logos or soccer stir-ups with the perfect stripe on it, the miTeam experience offers up a seamless integration of product customization and team presence.