iSwing UX Visualization (Beta 1.0)

Our development teams in Boston needed a functionality spec to show how the iSwing experience came to life. Entitled “SwingThing”, here is a look at iSwing 1.0 in Beta. As a first in the sports category of its kind, and with less than 100K apps in the app store, we had high expectations and a short time to get our team on board.

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Adidas UX miTeam

While managing the miTeam Adidas configurator experience at VML, our challenge was to prepare a conversation piece with our global dev teams and client to express usability, functionality, and flow. From entry to exit, the user is walked through the experience led from conditional moments of the product.



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RichMob Platform HTML5 Scroller

A carousel utilizing that combines non-disruptive and continuous display of client ads for the Padvertisement Kiosk. In total, 25 ads can be seamlessly fed into the RichMob CMS while displaying all our ads during customer check-ins.


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HealthWeather Motion Design Visualization

On occasion, great Design/UX is born on a whim. With the dev team and motion designers we visualized the experience on a whiteboard and put together a motion study to define transitions, interaction and look & feel. The spheres represent trending diseases in proximity to the user which fly in 3-dimensionally in space.

[vimeo 59919206 w=210&h=373]





Adidas 2.0 Product Selector

A redesign of Adidas Product Selector. With back and forward pedals.





Goldman Sachs UX Rich Media Functionality

To get our creative, flash, and project teams privy to the development the “Progress if Everyone’s Business” campaign we shared with the whole team a functionality logic for how the banner would operate with respect to duration, interaction, metrics.






Xerox ColorQube 9200 UX Strategy

To debut the revolution in color printing technology at Xerox, primarily directed to CIOs, our creative team pulled off a rather quick but useful demonstration of the Xerox ColorQube 9200 Series. To showcase the aspects of the 9200, this was a coordinated effort between design, ux and photo production. To depict the experience we prepared a shot-list that made up demo animations, shot at various angles to help paint a clear picture for potential customers.

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ETF Browser for Vanguard Funds

Vanguard Funds, a leader investment funds. Created a sample user experience study to push the brand further.